Richard Gnall

Rodin Concentration

Rodin Concentration is a PC based (sorry, no Apple) version of the popular children's card game. It is written in Visual Basic.

Screen Shots 
Download Rodin Concentration 
Rodin Concentration requires no installation and does not modify the system registry - just download it to any folder and run.

RodinConcentration.exe (160 KB)

The first time Rodin Concentration is played, it will create the following two files in the same directory from which it is run:

VB6 Run Time Files 
On older operating systems (W'98 or earlier), you may receive an error message about missing DLL files when trying to run Rodin Concentration. If so, you need to install the latest version of the VB6 run time files. These files can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site (1 MB).

Visit Microsoft to Download VB6 Run Time Files